Innovative Teaching Academy


Well, I did it. Last week I jumped.

In the past, I could see where I wanted to be. I knew what kind of teacher I wanted and honestly needed to be, but have been unwilling/afraid to really do something about it.

I finally jumped. I joined the Innovative Teaching Academy with the hope that I’ll reach the other side and end up where I want to be.

Too often I get upset with my students for not caring about their education or for not caring about the subject I am teaching. When I reflect on those times I can most often blame myself. I either wasn’t prepared enough or my lessons were just plain lame. There’s always something I could have and should have been doing to be a better teacher.

So I’m hoping and praying that ITA will be the tool that helps me to get focused and be the teacher my students deserve.

I can do so much better.

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