Nice Fish Tank!

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Coming up with a title is apparently very important if you want your blog to be read. There are many websites out there that help to generate some very interesting and thought-provoking titles, but I think nice fish tank says exactly what I wanted to say.

You won’t have any idea what this post is about by the title, but it’s the first example I thought of while thinking about the power of communication. Here’s the story.

My brother Brian is a marine biologist and lives about 14 hours away. We get to see each other once a year usually. However, whenever I post a family photo  from my living room Brian always comments, “Nice fish tank!” Everyone else makes comments like you’d expect, “Beautiful family! – Nice picture! – Miss you guys!”. Brian says so much more with “Nice fish tank.” I miss and love you too brother and yes, I always think of you when I work on the fish tank praying that everything is well with you.

So, for me, Nice Fish Tank is a great example of what can be accomplished through social media. A few simple words can have a very powerful meaning. Sometimes not even the one you intended it to be

I love my family. Everyone loves each other! We can be found in Arizona, Texas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Tennessee, and North Carolina. That’s a lot of distance to cover if we were to see each other. Thank the Lord for smartphones.

Are group text messages considered social media? Probably not, but it is most definitely a social event. During Green Bay Packer games our group messages light up. Usually loaded with PRW’s, positive reinforcement words. Everyone has their own. Mine happens to be “Yahoo!” My Dad’s is “PRW!” My immediate family loves using Snapchat. Being able to see each other and hear everyone’s voice is really special. Even though we are spread throughout the states we are pulled close by such simple communication.

I believe the same idea will work in our schools. Just a few simple words have the chance to make a difference in our students’  lives.  Every day is an opportunity to be remembered. What do you want to be remembered for? Technology makes it so simple to share the awesome in your life with anyone and everyone you care to share it with. I promise it will make a difference. I know it does for me! Whether it’s a comment left on a doc, kind words on a message board, texts, Snapchats, Facebook posts or whatever tech you are using share the great things you are doing. Share the great things you see in your students are doing. Share the awesome things that are happening in your classroom. Share them with your colleagues, your parents, and your kids.

There is a lot of power in a few simple words.


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