Perseverance and Trust – Hahaha! Do you think that is going to stop me?

I gave it everything I had but these Robins wanted our front porch as their home once again this year. Last summer they would scare the bejeebers out of us whenever we came home and they really liked to eat mulberries so there were a lot of purple blotches on the walls and patio below. They took a look at those spikes and laughed in my face.

Seriously! What would make you want to build a nest on those spikes?? They’re really sharp! They were so bent on making their home that they came back a total of 3 times to lay eggs and have a total of 9 babies, 6 more than last year. An epic story of “stick it to the man.” Nothing deterred them. They saw the obstacle and overcame it in a magnificent way.

Wait a second! How often have I faced the same obstacles that these birds faced and just gave up? Probably too many times – or – I wonder how many times I didn’t even notice the dangers or troubles in my life because of my loving God. How many times have I faced obstacles but just put them at the foot of the cross and just knew that He was going to see me through it all? How often has He just let me “Be Still” and watch His plan unfold right in front of my face?

As I look back at my life and see what I thought of as obstacles/troubles/spikes I can see the blessings that were a direct result of those difficult times.

I guess the point of my rambling is this. We’re better than birds! God has made us the crown of His creation and has given us the tools to persevere. He showers us with grace. He faithfully forgives. He has lovingly gifted us salvation. He looks at the dangerous spikes in our lives and says “Be still, I’ve got this.” No matter what we fail to do or what we try to do, God’s plan will show itself in our lives. Trust that plan! Keep striving to follow God’s will in your life and watch what He can do. It’s not “You got this!” It’s “God’s got this!”

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